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Core Industry Has Emerged in Yichang (Video)

        Scientific and technological innovation is the cornerstone of the growth for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our City adheres to scientific and technological leadership, and takes the electronic information industry as a strategic emerging industry. A group of electronic information with independent research and development technology has accelerated its growth and become the industry leader. In the first quarter of this year, the city's electronic information industry grew by more than 20% year-on-year, with a huge leap to draw the soaring trend of hundreds of billions of industries.
        In the electronic information industry, lightness and thinness often represent the content of science and technology. It can be said that the survival of enterprises lies in the millimeter difference. In this field, the basic material is equivalent to cloth, which is cut and used by downstream manufacturers according to different products. Whether electronic products can be lighter and thinner, the base material is the basis. Hubei Omar Electronics, located in Xiaoting Industrial Park, is such a science and technology enterprise mainly based on substrates.
        Increasing R&D efforts and producing products higher than international standards are precisely the advantages of these millimeters, which make the products of Hubei Omar stand out in the fierce competition and continue to sell in the market. This year, the sales of enterprises are expected to exceed 100 million yuan. To enter the international high-end market and guide the direction of industrial development just like Omar Electronic Technology does, Yichang Lijia Technology Co., Ltd. has also opened the door to the international market through independent research and development of new products. Rechargeable batteries and large capacity batteries produced by enterprises have broken the button battery market monopolized by Japan for a long time.
        For a long time, button batteries, whether it comes to technology or capacity, Japanese enterprises are the dominant ones. At the beginning of the establishment of Yichang Lijia, Panasonic and Wansheng, the international giants of the standard, carried out targeted technology research and development, overcome a series of technical difficulties such as materials, capacity and power, and became the industry leader.
        Since last year, our city's electronic information industry has developed rapidly. The thinnest glass was born in Yichang CSG. HKC Electronics, the largest LCD TV manufacturer in central China, was put into production in Yichang. OTOT Group set up an intelligent terminal Industrial Park in Yichang. The first "Yichang made" curved surface LED display was offline. Electronic information enterprises such as new energy in JCS SOLAR, Lantai Technology and Hubei Joint Innovation Technology have come into people's sight and changed people's lives. In the first quarter of this year, the output of HKC displays exceeded 650,000 units, an increase of 11 times over the same period of last year. Poly-crystalline silicon materials in Yichang CSG grew by nearly 40%. A number of electronic information enterprises transferred from coastal areas sprang up in Yichang like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.