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Breakthrough in Localization of 5G Communication Substrate

    Technicians are testing the products.

        On September 5, Hubei Omar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Japanese FPCC Co., Ltd. successfully to produce 5G high-frequency and high-speed electronic substrates for communications. This is another breakthrough for the company to break the international monopoly and seek multi-polar development after independent research and development of adhesiveless FCCL. It marks that Yichang-made will be used in the production of 5G communication terminals and the construction of communication base stations in the future.
        On September 11, the reporter came to this state-level high-tech enterprise located in Xiaoting District, visiting Omar Electronics who is on the way to the rise of "industry leaders".
        "If we think of smart phones, computers and other electronic devices as clothes, our products play the role of cloth." In the finished product workshop of Hubei Omar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Xiong Jie, the director of the company, handed a piece of products with the shape similar to cloth and smooth touch to reporters. These products are compared to ready-made fabrics, the scientific name is adhesiveless flexible copper clad laminate, which is a high-frequency and high-speed basic raw material products independently developed by the company, mainly used in electronic equipment, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence and other fields. Xiong Jie said that this material has long been monopolized by foreign industry giants. Domestic production can only rely on imports and the product has no price advantage.
        At that time, Omar Technology, as an upstream supplier, was also facing a development dilemma. After the establishment of the company in 2013, the adhesive type flexible copper clad laminates are only suitable for traditional smart phones and digital devices, and the relatively narrow product market has been occupied by Taiwan-funded enterprises for a long time. Omar Technology, which is still in its infancy, has been in a weak position in the industry for a long time.
        "In order to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, we must cultivate our own core technology." Xiong Jie told reporters that after more than 200 times technical tests, the R&D team finally successfully produced the adhesiveless flexible copper clad laminate by coating method. This new production mode breaks through the technological monopoly of foreign high-frequency and high-speed material pressing legal production, with lower manufacturing cost, easier control of manufacturing process and better comprehensive performance of products. The data show that in 2017 alone, the company's sales revenue exceeded 80 million yuan, an increase of 241% over the same period last year. The sales area also expanded to Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and other countries.
         Both production and marketing are booming and steadily developing, but Omar Electronics is not blindly immersed in joy. Faced with the critical period of the transformation and development of the global electronic information industry, how can enterprises maintain their existing development advantages and open up a new blue sea market? After repeated research and analysis, the company's management decided to target the 5G application market, explore the production of high-frequency and high-speed electronic substrates for 5G communications, and plan a new round of transformation and upgrading.
        Xiong Jie admitted that after entering 5G network, the data transmission rate will be greatly improved. Behind this change, the main test is whether the base material which undertakes the function of signal transmission can be updated and upgraded. In the first half of this year, Omar Electronics, with its solid R&D capability and advanced production level, stood out from many competing manufacturers and became a partner of the world's leading manufacturers of basic materials for electronic information systems, jointly launching the construction of high-frequency and high-speed electronic substrates for 5G communications. The new project will provide a full range of FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) main material products to complement the technical shortcomings of high-frequency and high-speed electronic substrates for 5G communications in the market, such as a single product category and the inability to produce in batches.
        At present, the technical team composed of international first-class foreign experts and Omar electronic technicians is optimizing and adjusting the products, so that large-scale production can be achieved by the end of the year. At that time, Omar Electronics will be the only authorized manufacturer in China to provide materials for the production and construction of 5G communication terminals, communication base stations, semiconductor products and so on, breaking the current situation that the high-end market of FCCL (flexible copper clad laminate) relies heavily on imports.
        "In the future, the domestic market demand for 5G materials will be 30 billion yuan per year. Omar Electronics will strive to achieve the target of annual sales exceeding 2 billion yuan in five years." Xiong Jie said that after the investment industry investment fund took part in Omar Electronics, not only the scope of business and capital strength has been improved rapidly, but also the company has laid a solid foundation for entering the 5G market in an all-round way. With this good development platform, Omar Electronics will accelerate the pace of transformation and development, and move forward on the road of high-quality development.